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Volunteer Spotlight | Melissa

"There is no better feeling than to give with your whole heart, and CBF has created the perfect, most rewarding outlet for me to do that to support a cause that will forever be dear to my heart."


Volunteer spotlight of Melissa

Melissa, the owner of Proper Flower, is a shining star among our volunteers at Carolina Breast Friends. Her journey with CBF began with a poignant introduction by former Executive Director, Lynn Erdman, to create a beautiful arrangement to honor the mother of one of our founders. From that moment, Melissa felt a deep calling to support our organization. Her personal connection to breast cancer through her Nana's diagnosis, and later her mother's, fueled her dedication to our cause.

In 2020, when Melissa faced her own breast health concerns, she turned to CBF for support. With Lynn's assistance, she received crucial medical care, including her first mammogram, free of charge. This experience solidified Melissa's commitment to giving back to CBF, as she witnessed firsthand the compassion and assistance provided by our community.

Melissa's devotion to CBF was further strengthened by her mother's battle with breast cancer. Witnessing her mother undergo chemotherapy and lose her hair was a profound experience. Together, they sought solace at The Pink House, where Melissa's mother found dignity and confidence through trying on and selecting wigs. In the warmth and welcoming embrace of The Pink House family, Melissa and her mother found a sense of belonging and understanding.

The volunteers and staff at CBF not only provided practical assistance but also offered emotional support, making a difficult time a little easier to bear.

Picture of Melissa and her mom.

Throughout her volunteer journey, Melissa has poured her heart into various initiatives, from creating bouquets for Survivors, to leading floral-focused sessions for Survivors, and the upkeep and creation of peaceful spaces in our Celebration of Life Healing Garden. This space has become a passion-project for her and she hopes to provide solace and remembrance for those affected by breast cancer.

For Melissa, being a part of CBF is more than volunteering; it's a deeply fulfilling mission. She embodies the spirit of generosity and compassion, bringing joy and comfort to those in need. As she continues to support our organization with unwavering dedication, we are immensely grateful for her boundless kindness and commitment. Melissa's love for CBF shines brightly, illuminating the path for others to follow in her footsteps.

*Lower left, Melissa's picture with her mother.


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