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Volunteer Spotlight | Sara

“CBF's work providing support across the breast cancer community resonated deeply with me."


Photo of volunteer Sarah Moore standing with her family
Sara (center)--shown here with her husband children, and step sons--gives both dollars and time to support our mission.

Sara Moore, head of communications and chief of staff for a global technology company, moved from Michigan to Charlotte in 2005 to be closer to family after her mother's death from breast cancer. Now settled in South Park with two children in high school and two step-sons living and working in Charlotte, Sara balances a full personal and professional life. She also finds time to volunteer for Carolina Breast Friends (CBF) because breast cancer is a cause she cares about.


"Breast cancer has deeply affected my family," Sara explains. After losing her mother and both aunts to the disease, Sara took proactive steps to manage her own risk by having a prophylactic double mastectomy and natural reconstruction at age 36. Six years later her younger sister was diagnosed at age 40. Continues Sara, “Thankfully, my sister is doing well. And ten years post-surgery, I am still incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to reduce my risk by over 90%.”


Sara first learned about CBF from some women she met while she was participating in the Avon Walk. She recalls, “CBF's work providing support across the breast cancer community resonated deeply with me."


Initially a financial supporter, Sara has expanded her involvement with CBF over time. "I've mostly been a donor over the years," she shares. "To support fundraising, I've also solicited donations for [silent auctions]. More recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer at The Pink House for an event, which was a great way to meet more of the CBF family."


Reflecting on that recent volunteer experience, Sara notes the supportive community she found. She recalls, "It was such a warm and welcoming environment, and I appreciated at a different level just how unique and special this organization is."


Sara's dedication to CBF has led her to join the Development Committee, as well. Says Sara, "I am energized by the commitment and creativity of that group to find new ways to make an impact."


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