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Volunteer Spotlight | Darylene

"Navigating stage IV cancer is daunting, so anything that can reduce that stress is an amazing thing to be part of." 


volunteer spotlight Darylene

Carolina Breast friends (CBF) is proud to offer a mentoring program, where someone experiencing breast cancer is matched with someone that has a similar diagnosis but who is further down the road in navigating the journey. We're also proud to have devoted mentors like Darylene Finkelstein who share their time and personal insight. In Darylene's case, that personal insight is about metastatic breast cancer.

Says Darylene, "Hearing a frightened voice on the other end of the phone and being able to hear that same voice have hope by the end of a call gives you a feeling you can't describe. Being a mentor is one of the best ways to share Joy with others!"

Joy is important to Darylene. As the self-proclaimed Queen of Joy she says, "I know how scary a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis is, but I've resolved to find some joy in every day. My mission in life is to have joy, to share my joy and to teach others to find their joy. "One of the many ways Darylene does this is by posting daily on her Facebook and Instagram pages titled "Choose to Live With Joy."

Another way Darylene spreads joy and support in the breast cancer community is through the Charlotte Metsters Support Group she started in 2019 for those living with metastatic or stage IV breast cancer. At first, they met in local restaurants until Covid came along and the group went virtual. Then when in-person meetings became more feasible again, they sought a "home" for the organization, and CBF began hosting their meetings at The Pink House.

According to Darylene, that's when she knew she wanted to be part of the other work CBF is doing. She says, "Being a mentor for CBF is rewarding because you develop a relationship with someone who shares some of your same experiences. It is so satisfying to talk with someone and hear their scared voice transformed into relief as they realize there is help and support for them."


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