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Volunteer Spotlight | Melanie

"Volunteering for CBF allows me to bring massage therapy to any breast cancer survivor in the area without the cost."

Volunteer spotlight Melanie

As a recent transplant to Charlotte, Melanie wanted to serve the local community. Since her work with mBody Center as a massage therapist is specific to cancer support, her search for an organization to work with quickly led her to CBF. After learning more about our mission and seeing that we offer of the most comprehensive support services for breast cancer Survivors, Melanie reached out to offer her hands, literally.

"I am honored to serve as an Oncology Massage Therapist monthly at The Pink House. Sessions are safe, effective, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each Survivor," says Melanie. "Offering my services at no cost is important to me because while I believe that everybody needs bodywork, breast cancer Survivors benefit a great deal more. Not only is there the usual muscular relief, but there are subtle advantages, such as anxiety reduction and improved body image."

Photo of Melanie

Melanie encourages all those experiencing breast cancer to learn about the benefits of oncology massage at any point in the breast cancer journey.

"Oncology Massage Therapists have training above and beyond their initial schooling and can meet the needs of a cancer survivor at any stage," Melanie says. "In addition to volunteering at CBF, I also represent the Society for Oncology Massage. Please visit, or, for more information, or to find a properly trained Oncology Massage Therapist near you."

To learn more about Oncology Massage and other free appointments available to you if you're a breast cancer Survivor or Thriver, see our Personalized Sessions.


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