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Volunteer Spotlight | Magbis

"I enjoy connecting wellness with the Latino culture. Engaging bicultural professionals within our programs creates an atmosphere where everyone feels open to share their experiences."


At the heart of La Casa Rosada con Latinas, a Latina support group hosted at The Pink House, stands Magbis Love, a dedicated volunteer who has illuminated the path of care for Latina breast cancer Survivors.

Introduced to La Casa by a patient navigator at Levine Cancer Institute, Magbis's journey took a transformative turn. The concept of uniting Latina breast cancer Survivors to provide not only emotional support but also wellness sessions resonated deeply with her, inspiring her to take an active role in guiding their monthly gathering.

Through La Casa Rosada, Magbis orchestrates an array of wellness activities, extending invitations to outside organizations that extend free or low-cost services to the Latino communities. These sessions encompass a wide spectrum, including financial counseling, nutrition guidance, music therapy, and MedAssist, among others.

Magbis's dedication to leading La Casa Rosada con Latinas embodies the essence of community, empowerment, and cultural pride, which is why she especially looks forward to their support sessions during the fall.

"We love to celebrate our traditions and the holidays are a great time to enjoy our food and music," says Magbis. "The meeting in December is special because it's a month to celebrate with all the Latinas who share their traditions."

Through her dedication, Magbis enlivens the spirit of unity, resilience, and hope within the hearts of all who are touched by La Casa Rosada's embrace and CBF is so grateful for her commitment to this very important support group.


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