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Volunteer Spotlight | Girl Scout Troop #3408

"We wanted to help kids earn badges that would help them connect with their mom and give her fun things to do."


volunteer spotlight girl scout troop #3408

Inspired by their troop leader, Imogene, who is a breast cancer Survivor and dedicated CBF Volunteer, Girl Scout Troop # 3408 focused their attention on a project to support the children of Survivors going through their treatment journey.

Maggie, who is Imogene's daughter, along with fellow scouts Julia and Lily Kate, worked together to create Helping Hands--a badge-type program for any child who has a mother going through breast cancer.

Similar to how scouts earn official badges in Girl Scouts, Julia, Lily Kate and Maggie came up with different activities for Helping Hands badges to be earned.

"We found fun iron-on patches that can be put on a jacket or t-shirt and came up with three activities kids can do with their mom or themselves," say the girls.

girl scout troop

Helping Hands includes "Fitness is Fun," "Text with a Purpose," and "Ice Cream Social" among the different badges girls can earn.

In addition to their support through this unique badge program, Troop # 3408 took proceeds from last year's Girl Scout cookie sales and donated a Celebration Brick in honor of Girl Scout founder and breast cancer Survivor, Juliette Gordon Low.


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