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Volunteer Spotlight | Ellen

"I love spending time at The Pink House...the cause is close to my heart and the work feels important and meaningful."


volunteer spotlight ellen

In the realm of volunteering, there are individuals who go above and beyond to make a difference. One such remarkable person is Ellen Kobus, a breast cancer Survivor who found her calling as a volunteer at CBF.

Having triumphed over breast cancer as a Survivor for five years, Ellen recognized CBF as the ideal platform to give back and support others walking a similar path. She recalls, "I had just moved back to Charlotte and was looking for a place to volunteer. My dad found CBF's website and thought it would be a perfect match."

Ellen's dedication to CBF shines through her multifaceted volunteer contributions, "I do a little of everything," she says. From assisting with office clean-outs to managing databases, Ellen demonstrates her commitment to making CBF's operations run smoothly. Additionally, she works closely with the staff to assist in mentor matching.

As a mentor herself, Ellen offers guidance and support to women considering "going flat," meaning having a Flat Closure Mastecomy, which is a personal decision that holds profound significance.

Ellen's passion for volunteering at CBF is deeply rooted in her personal connection to the cause. "This safe haven is warm and welcoming, and serves as a reminder of hope and healing," she shares.

For Ellen, her work as a volunteer carries immense importance and meaning as she supports fellow Survivors and helps shape their journey towards self-empowerment. Through her selfless dedication, she embodies the true spirit of volunteerism, standing as an inspiration to us all.


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