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Volunteer Spotlight | Amanda

"My grandmother, who was the heart of my family, was a breast cancer Survivor...I volunteer in honor of her and her love."



After losing her grandmother to COVID earlier this year, Amanda desired to give back her time as a way to pay tribute to her memory.

"I knew I wanted to volunteer my time to support those who are affected by breast cancer," says Amanda.

Amanda found CBF by doing research online. She inquired about volunteer opportunities online this June and received a call from our Director of Volunteers, Carrie Williams.

"Carrie's light, along with the compassion, kindness, and support that encompasses CBF, is the reason I ultimately decided and continue to volunteer," she says.

In a few short months, Amanda has already volunteered 5 times for our Survivor programs and a few CBF fundraising events. It is a great testament to our organization, and our Survivors, to have such passionate volunteers donate their time regularly in support of the breast cancer community.

Pictured top: Amanda (far right) assisting Survivors at The Pink Cupcake Walk. Pictured bottom: Amanda's grandmother

Amanda's grandmother


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