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Mission Moment | Sharon & Janie

“Sharon was struggling emotionally with her breast cancer and needed camaraderie. She was elated to find help and much-needed information from The Pink House staff and fellow survivors. She had nothing but praises for Carolina Breast Friends and all they provide for those diagnosed with this dreaded disease.” - Janie


Photo of Susan standing in front of a field of flowers

South Carolina sisters Janie Booker and Sharon Hill are both living with breast cancer. They also are both finding support and community with Carolina Breast Friends at The Pink House.


Janie, 68, a retired nurse, was the first to confront breast cancer in 1997, eventually leading both her and her sister Sharon, 72, to undergo genetic testing that revealed a shared predisposition to cancer. Sharon—who has also had bladder cancer and a stage 1 melanoma—began her own battle with breast cancer in 2014. Through surgeries, treatments, and complications, both sisters found support and solidarity in each other… and now also from Carolina Breast Friends.


Sharon, who was grappling emotionally with her breast cancer, has found comfort and companionship among fellow Survivors at The Pink House. Janie, who initially came as a “side kick” for her sister, quickly came to value the shared experiences and activities offered by the organization.


Says Janie, “We enjoyed the Pink Boots Ball for breast cancer Survivors at all stages in their journeys. We like the pancake breakfast at Christmas, making jewelry with other Survivors, telling our stories, laughing and just enjoying our ‘breast friends.’ We would love to attend even more activities.”


Through The Pink House, Carolina Breast Friends has provided a vital support network for the sisters. Together, they navigate their journeys with resilience and determination, strengthened by the bonds of sisterhood and the added help of Carolina Breast Friends.


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