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Mission Moment | MK and Ashley

"Sitting with other Survivors gave me encouragement I had no idea was possible."


Photo of MK & Ashley

"CBF was so incredibly warm and accommodating with seeing both my daughter and myself so quickly...we left [The Pink House] armed with a new layer added to our support system!"

Mother and daughter, Ashley and Mary-Kathryn (M-K), were diagnosed with breast cancer within days of one another. When Ashley's mammogram came back concerning, her daughter M-K performed a self-breast exam and found a lump. On the same day a biopsy was being performed on M-K, Ashley received the news that she had breast cancer. Two days later, 20-year-old M-K received the same diagnosis.

In complete shock because there is no family history, their nurse navigators directed them to Carolina Breast Friends. Ashley, who teaches 4th grade at St. Ann Catholic School, called to make an appointment for them to come in together.

Photo of MK, Ashley, Will, Hannah, and Michael

CBF found time to meet with both of us, juggling our different needs," recalls Ashley.

Shares M-K, "Everyone I have met at The Pink House has been really lovely, amazing, and informative. They made me feel welcome in the community, and I was able to get some free wigs and scarves, and a comfort bag of items I know will help along the way. This has been a kind of unbelievable journey and it's only been a month."

This mother and daughter duo have the biggest cheerleaders on their side in their immediate family: Michael (husband and dad), Hannah (daughter and sister) and Will (son and brother). Now they have CBF for support as well. Ashley goes on to say, "I take great comfort in knowing that CBF will be a continual source of warmth and support all through our breast cancer journey and beyond."

*Top left, M-K (left) and Ashley (right); bottom left, from left to right: Will, Ashley, Hannah, Michael & M-K


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