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Mission Moment | Glendolyn

"Those wigs immediately made me feel beautiful."


Photo of Rosa

Glendolyn was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 19, 2021 a day she'll never forget because it also happens to be her daughter's birthday. "I was devastated. I could hardly drive home after finding out. I went with tears in my eyes to my daughter's house and gave her the news. She dropped to her knees...I think that hurt me more than the news I'd just given her."

As her journey began and she started treatment, Glendolyn says she handled it with dignity, perseverance, positivity, and took things one day at a time. "My beautiful children, granddaughters, friends, family, pastors and yes, some strangers, were my motivation. It has been amazing ....and I survived!"

Glendolyn photo

In February, Glendolyn visited The Pink House one morning in search of some wigs to help her feel more like herself. She lost all her hair during chemotherapy and her short regrowth was keeping her from feeling "normal." After spending some time trying on different styles, Glendolyn found a few wigs that were the perfect match for her personality, helping to make her look just as beautiful as she felt.

"As soon as I walked through the doors at CBF, I was met with kindness, hope and love. All the encouraging words and time spent with the staff gave me motivation and made me feel empowered. I love this place."


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