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Donor Spotlight | Rich and Bennett

"My late business partner, Jeff Bennett, discovered CBF when a close family member had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and it became clear that CBF should be a charity partner of ours."


Mood House founder Cristina Wilson

For the past several years... and according to Rich Saner, for the foreseeable future... CBF is the charity partner for the Rich and Bennett Halloween Pub Crawl. The October timing of Breast Cancer Awareness month and the very popular Charlotte pub crawl make this partnership a perfect fit. Last October alone, the Halloween Pub Crawl resulted in a donation of $2,500 to support our work for breast cancer Survivors & Thrivers.

"As our events began becoming more successful, we felt it was important to give back, and specifically locally" says Rich. "When [Jeff] Bennett discovered CBF, we loved the idea of donating to CBF because they have an amazing organization here," says Rich. "They have built an incredibly strong community of Survivors and those who are currently battling breast cancer as a safe place to go and receive the support needs in all aspects."

Rich recalls a fond memory of their introduction to CBF. "Bennett called me one day to say we were going to bring one of our liquor partners over to meet the team at CBF and mix everyone up a signature drink. We had pink martinis and toured The Pink House. CBF was already the perfect charity for us to work with, but just to meet everyone was amazing."

Though the last few years have presented some challenging times for Rich with the sudden passing of Bennett in 2020 and the pause on Rich & Bennett events over the last few years due to the pandemic, we are grateful for the continued support and dedication to the breast cancer community.

*Pictured above: Rich Saner, left, and Jeff Bennett


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