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Donor Spotlight | Caroline

"I ultimately wanted to support CBF because it is a local and small organization that gives back to the community."


Photo of Caroline

Meet 12-year-old entrepreneur, Caroline, the founder of Dogwood Designs, who is making waves with her handmade scrunchies and philanthropic spirit. Caroline not only crafts vibrant and stylish scrunchies from patterned and colorful fabrics but also allocates a portion of her vendor sales to different nonprofit organizations.

Last October, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Caroline wanted to support a local organization dedicated to the cause. With a thoughtful choice, she selected Carolina Breast Friends (CBF) as the beneficiary of her charitable efforts.

During her vendor sale, Caroline had the opportunity to meet several breast cancer survivors who were not only impressed by her creativity but also touched by her commitment to making a positive impact. The Survivors expressed their support for Caroline's cause, further fueling her determination. Caroline managed to raise an admirable $100 from her scrunchie sales, all of which she selflessly donated to CBF.

"To me it personally is truly special to do something nice for someone else," says Caroline.

Caroline's venture, Dogwood Designs, was born out of her desire to add a touch of personality to her dance class uniform. Creating scrunchies became her creative outlet, and it soon evolved into a business that not only fulfills her passion but also allows her to make a meaningful difference in the community.

Caroline's story serves as an inspiration for young and old alike, proving that age is no barrier to making a positive impact. Dogwood Designs not only adds flair to fashion but also exemplifies the power of entrepreneurship combined with a compassionate heart.


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