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Donor Spotlight | Burn Boot Camp Matthews

"It's a small gift for an invaluable non-profit. With members and family who have conquered breast cancer, to have organizations like CBF watching over them, means the world."


Photo of Josh and Lindsey

Burn Boot Camp Matthews is led by the dynamic duo of Josh and Lindsey, who along with their members, stood alongside CBF in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month for their sixth straight year. The gym's commitment to our cause has been nothing short of remarkable. In 2023, Burn Boot Camp Matthews donated $3,700 to CBF, their largest to date and a testament to their community's unwavering dedication to making a difference.

When asked about their decision to support CBF, Josh and Lindsey shared that multiple members of their gym had personally benefited from the services provided by our organization. Witnessing the impact firsthand, they felt compelled to give back.

The fundraising efforts at Burn Boot Camp Matthews have taken various forms, including special camps and collections. The Burn Boot Camp Matthews family, known for their genuine, giving nature, has eagerly joined in these initiatives, demonstrating their commitment to support the local breast cancer community.

Reflecting on their involvement, Josh and Lindsey expressed that giving back to CBF holds profound personal significance. With loved ones who have faced breast cancer, knowing that CBF stands as a beacon of support brings them immense comfort and gratitude.

Burn Boot Camp family during a Breast Cancer awareness class.

At CBF, we are deeply touched by the generosity of Burn Boot Camp Matthews and their dedication to our cause. Their support serves as a proof of the power of community and the difference we can make when we come together for a common purpose. We extend our sincerest appreciation to Josh, Lindsey, and the entire Burn Boot Camp Matthews family for their ongoing commitment to our organization.

*Picture top left, Josh & Lindsey with their (3) children; bottom left, the Burn Boot Camp family during a Breast Cancer Awareness class.


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