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Donor Spotlight | Adrienne

"With a breast cancer diagnosis comes many challenges, but also many blessings, and one of my greatest blessings was a free ticket to The Pink House."


Photo of Adrienne

Diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2017, Adrienne heard about CBF from a friend. On a whim, she stopped by for a visit in between doctors appointments one day. She just wanted a peaceful place to sit and be still for a moment, and the Healing Garden served as the perfect setting. Soon after, Adrienne attended a Survivor Night, and she has been a consistent attendant of our programs ever since.

"Everyone was so welcoming and so encouraging and my life changed, truly," Adrienne recalls. "I got so involved Survivor Night, Strength Training Sessions, Nutrition Sessions, Transformative Writing Sessions. There is such comfort in being surrounded by people who understand and have lived this experience."

Adrienne has been so moved by her experiences in The Pink House that she wanted to pay it forward and give back to something that has meant so much to her. Earlier this year, she set up a recurring donation to be drafted monthly from her account. A simple, yet powerful, display of the impact CBF has had on her breast cancer journey.

"I set up the auto-donation for ease-of-use and every time I see the transaction go through, I remember the blessings that I have received," says Adrienne. "I want to make sure others receive the same love and support on their journey."

Adrienne goes on to say, "I have friends who have been diagnosed with other types of cancer, but they don't have their version of a Pink House to go to for support. There's such a return on my investment people are so happy to be there and it does so much good."


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