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A Night to Remember | Legacy Dinner

Our Founder Kristy's vision for our organization never faded, and this night brought together a group of people who carried that vision forward.


two women sitting at a table smiling fondly
Two of Carolina Breast Friends' founding members at The Legacy Dinner at The Pink House

Carolina Breast Friends’ founding members were honored at a dinner and cocktails event on May 23, 2024. Wonderful stories of the founder, Kristy Adams-Ebel's vision to establish a warm haven for connections, education, and assistance for the breast cancer community were told throughout this magical evening. Twenty years later, thousands of people who have been impacted by breast cancer have received care from Carolina Breast Friends, also known as The Pink House. A night of inspiration, laughter, and yes, even a few tears were had as the founding members reunited, some of whom had not seen one another in years.


The evening included a virtual connection with Chris Ebel, Kristy’s husband at the time of her passing. He shared words of gratitude for carrying Kristy’s dream to fruition. As the dinner hour proceeded, each dish was delivered with interaction from Chefs Chris Aquilino and Jay Ziobrowski and their assisting sous chefs, adding an educational element highlighting the importance of local farm-to-table food for health and wellness. Specialty cupcakes, prepared by Bloom Cupcakes, and Pink crystal butterflies were presented to each founding member for their years of service and support.


Kristy's vision for Carolina Breast Friends never faded, and this night brought together a group of people who carried that vision forward. As stated by Pam Phipps, a founding member of Carolina Breasts Friends, "It is amazing to know that many lives have been empowered through the programs offered at Carolina Breasts Friends."  We are appreciative to everyone who supports Carolina Breast Friends, especially the founding members who rekindled the commitment to provide care until a cure is found.


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