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Survivor Serving Survivors | Margaret

With a triple negative breast cancer diagnosis in 2006 and a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis in 2019, Margaret has spent her journey seeking joy and inspiration through art. She turned to quilting, slab-built ceramics, jewelry making and anything else that caught her eye. "During treatment I visualize the next step of a current project. Having these projects gives me motivation to enjoy each day."


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Upon moving to Charlotte in 2019, Margaret looked for resources in the area for those with breast cancer, but was too ill to physically enjoy activities at The Pink House. In the fall of 2020, while she was experiencing pain in her trunk, hips and knees, Margaret made an appointment for our One-on-One Session for Myofascial Release. Through continued appointments (privately), she is generally pain-free and her strength has improved so much so that she participates in low-key Pilates, which she never thought would be possible.

Recently, Margaret made a declaration that she can no longer wait to participate in life in Charlotte. "I don't know if I will reach remission, but I am going ahead and doing the things I can to have a rich life. Between Covid and chemo it has been difficult to reach out to make new friends and try new things." Then, Margaret called The Pink House to discuss volunteering to teach a video quilting class. Thus, The Pink House Quilt project began.

The Pink House Quilt will have approximately 44 squares, all created by a different Survivor in a class that encourages each participant to design their own block with support from Margaret along the way. Each class is limited to 10 Survivors so everyone can receive the attention they need to be successful. Registration is now open for the second class on Monday, February 28th. Survivors can register here.

"Hand quilting is a very Zen experience. It can be done in a chair, with music or in front of the TV. It does take some dexterity, but a simple running stitch is used. The fabric colors can motivate as can the idea of a finished product...Maybe, after a taste, some people will want to learn more about this craft."

A special thanks to Charlotte Quilt Guild who has donated the fabric, batting, backing and thread for The Pink House Quilt. In addition, one of their members has volunteered to machine quilt the finished project, which will hang in our Exercise Room.

From the Artist:

  • Bottom left A series of ceramic houses. These are very freeing as I have no set plan and just play with clay.

  • Top left The woman riding a flying horse was inspired by a dream I had of being free from cancer.

  • Top right Enoch the dragonfly catching ogre was visualized and planned during radiation.

  • Bottom right The quilt "Hope - Hills and Valleys" reflects my current journey of ups and downs and trying to make the best of each day and keep hope in my heart.


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