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Nonprofits Supporting Nonprofits | An Apparo Community Impact Project

Muhide Guler's breast cancer journey started 8 years ago while living in Turkey.


Ana Lucía

Wells Fargo, ATD, Crafted and UNCC volunteers teamed up with Apparo to identify a new software solution to track survivors and donors for Carolina Breast Friends. As a result of this solution, CBF anticipates saving 1,000+ hours annually in staff time. They will also experience a cost savings of $26,000.

The mission of Carolina Breast Friends is to embrace the breast cancer community in a positive environment. They provide resources and education through fellowship and mentoring during any stage of the journey.

Prior to reaching out to Apparo, Carolina Breast Friends was tracking donors, mentors, survivors and fundraising data in multiple locations, including a software solution, Excel and on paper. CBF leaders recognized the importance of having all data readily available in one location and reached out to Apparo for assistance.

Apparo Change Agent, Eden Estabrook, Crafted, led the Community Impact Project with volunteers from American Tire Distributors (ATD), Wells Fargo and UNC Charlotte. The team assisted CBF in selecting a new software solution that will allow them to work more efficiently and is expected to save staff over 1,000 hours annually. The time saved will be spent cultivating new donors, working on events and will allow CBF to increase the number of appointments with survivors.

CBF Executive Director, Lynn Erdman, shared that because of their new software solution, "CBF anticipates an increase in the number of survivors able to be served each day. The time savings of data entry will allow the staff to help as many as 500 additional survivors each year!"

Erdman also anticipates that CBF will have the ability to provide more targeted programming to survivors, sharing "Having data about survivors and services they received readily available in the new system will allow CBF to understand programming needs and reach out to survivors that can benefit from programs being offered."

CBF will also experience an annual cost savings of $26,000 as a result of the migration off of their current system. Furthermore, Director of Development, Outreach and Education, Brittany Garrett, anticipates an increase in revenue as the staff has more time to focus on donor outreach and acquiring year-round donors. Garrett commented, "I currently spend hours and hours troubleshooting issues in our current system. Having all the data in one system will allow me to have more time for donor cultivation. This is really exciting!"

Volunteers contributed 138 hours and delivered a project worth almost $27,000. The volunteer team included Lalit Thakur (ATD), Amit Goswami (ATD), Clint Baxter (ATD), Katherine Zimmerman (Wells Fargo), Eden Estabrook (Crafted), Mytien Hoang (UNCC), Elizabeth Bangali (UNCC). Several of the volunteers shared their experience on the project:

  • Change Agent, Eden Estabrook, shared her excitement about the project, "I loved working on this application selection project! Not only was the nonprofit a joy to work with, but the volunteer team made my job so easy and I loved every moment. I can't wait for the next project!"​

  • Project volunteer, Kate Zimmerman, agreed saying, "I loved working on this application selection project with the amazing nonprofit (CBF) and the amazing volunteer team! It was such a good experience and I can't wait to help out again!"

  • Clint Baxter, commented, "It was an absolute pleasure to work with CBF team and the volunteers. I can't say enough good things about each team member, everyone was laser focused and ready to jump in to help when needed. Thank you so much CBF for the opportunity, I really enjoyed being part of your data journey!"

  • Mytien Hoang, remarked, "I enjoyed this so much! It has allowed me to grow my list of connections and work in a professional setting. Everyone was so nice to work with and I'd take the opportunity again in a heartbeat!"

View a video about this project here.


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