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Mentors Strengthen Our Support Sessions

Carolina Breast Friends was founded on the idea of breast cancer Survivors supporting each other with uplift, insight, and the compassion that comes from being on a common journey.


Ana Lucía

It was the dream of our founder, Kristy Adams-Ebel--who was going through breast cancer and bringing to life the support she knew she wanted and could give in return. Two of the primary ways we deliver this support today are our 1:1 Survivor Mentoring Program and our support gatherings at the Pink House.

Now, we are bringing some of those elements together to make our support sessions even stronger for everyone, whether they are newly diagnosed or long-time Survivors and Thrivers!

Our 1:1 Survivor Mentoring Program is going strong, but now our vetted and experienced mentors will also be facilitating discussions at the flagship sessions in our Support Program: Survivors' Night and Young Survivors' Night. Plus we've added another session that we'll offer periodically, called "I Have Breast Cancer. Now What?"

It's all part of how we are enhancing our program offerings. We have created program tracks on Wellbeing, Nutrition, Education, Self-Image, and, of course, Support. Within these tracks are sessions you've come to rely on and some new ones drawn from Survivor suggestions. Take a look at our color-coded calendar and you'll soon see the pattern.

Here's what's in store for the flagship sessions in the Support Program Track:

Survivors' Night

This session occurs the second Tuesday of every month from 6:00-7:30 p.m. For many of these sessions, the first half hour is meet-and-mingle social time, and the remainder is a mentor-driven panel discussion or facilitated dialogueon topics tailored to meet the needs of Survivors at a variety of points in their journey. Some of the topics planned are "Defining My New Normal," "Couples Forum," and "Here We Go Again: Two/Three-Time Survivors." We also take certain times of the year to break from a discussion-based format and throw something different into the mix such as our traditional Thankful Feast in November or Holiday Party in December.

Young Survivors' Night

This session occurs the first Thursday of every month from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Like Survivors' Night, the first half hour is social time, followed by a mentor-driven panel session or facilitated dialogue. Some of the topics are the same as Survivors' Night and some are unique to these sessions. What all of them share is the focus on the breast cancer experience from the perspective of Survivors 45 and under.

I Have Breast Cancer. Now What?

We will offer this session periodically as an open forum where newly diagnosed Survivors can ask for experience-based advice and persepctive. Mentors will be on hand to share their journey and shepherd the discussion as needed. Our goal is for each attendee to find support, insight, and understanding with people who have been where they are going.

Other sessions in our Support Program include Card Making, Jewelry Making and other classes that teach you an activity as you connect with other Survivors. If you're a breast cancer Survivor looking for insight or just needing some connection with people who understand your experience and have positive energy to share, we hope you'll come to the Pink House for one of these sessions--or any of our other offerings. If you've been to our support sessions in the past, we hope you'll come again and share in the new approach we're bringing to the experience.

Until there's a cure, there's care.



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