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Kathy Goodman Receives Angel Award

Each year we are honored to bestow The Kristy Adams-Ebel Angel Award to an individual who--like Kristy herself did in founding this organization--displays selfless acts of consistent and joyful service to breast cancer Survivors.


Ana Lucía

In December, the award was given to Kathy Goodman, a breast cancer Survivor herself and a longtime volunteer for Carolina Breast Friends.

Kathy is a 13-year Survivor, diagnosed in 2005. She was among the Survivors who gathered in our early days while Kristy was alive, and she has remained involved ever since. Kathy has volunteered at scores of events and fundraisers, even while she was going through treatment. Following her chemo and radiation, she became an advocate in our early mentoring program for Survivors and also helped initiate our first Pink Boots Ball!

The criteria for the Angel Award recipient is that she or he:

  • Always avails her/his time and resources

  • Needs no attention to her/his contributions

  • Generates generous acts of service

  • Exemplifies eagerness to do whatever is required, and

  • Lovingly lauds the breast cancer Survivor

Kathy exemplifies all of these qualities in abundance. She steadfastly supports and promotes Carolina Breast Friends by working on various committees, supporting our programs for new Survivors, and even regularly manning the phones and greeting visitors. Her warm, gentle spirit has welcomed many Survivors into the Pink House with empathy and encouragement for each personal journey.

We are grateful for Kathy's selfless service and delighted to give her this very special award. Congratulations, Kathy!


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