Programs at the Pink House

Carolina Breast Friends offers 25 - 30 sessions each month for women and men experiencing breast cancer, regardless of where they are in their journey. Most of these programs take place at the Pink House, and all are free to anyone who has or is experiencing breast cancer.

Sessions fall into the following areas:

The Wellbeing Program

This program addresses the mind-body needs of breast cancer Survivors regardless of where they are in their journey. Sessions include recurring exercise, yoga, and meditation classes, as well as individual hands-on therapy such as healing touch and oncology massage, to name a few. Sessions are geared specifically for breast cancer Survivors and most are led by Survivors, as well.
Experience a Wellbeing Session at home whenever you like!

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The Education Program

This program connects breast cancer Survivors, at any point in their journey, with educators, medical doctors, health care professionals, financial specialists and more. These interactive programs give you a chance to learn about topics that will help you navigate your experience with breast cancer.
Experience an Education Session at home whenever you like!

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The Support Program

We were founded on the premise that the support of those on a common journey can play a pivotal role in the recovery process. Facilitated by vetted mentors, these sessions provide a chance to connect, share, empower, and laugh with a safe and supportive circle of people who understand your experience. Survivors' Night, the 2nd Tuesday of each month, is the centerpiece of this program.
Experience a Support Session at home whenever you like!

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The Self-Image Program

Breast cancer can be challenging to your self-image and personal confidence. This program celebrates your true beauty every step of the way while also providing self-care techniques tailored for breast cancer Survivors. Sessions are led by industry professionals and include spa nights, wig-care tips, DIY skin care and so much more. Our monthly Be You, Be Beautiful sessions are the centerpiece of this program.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Next Self Image Program sessions currently in planning.
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The Nutrition Program

This program offers a deeper look into the science of nutrition the importance of healthy eating for longevity. From recurring cooking classes like The Pink House Kitchen to specialist-led information sessions on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, supplements and more, these sessions are about fueling your most-well self.
Experience a Nutrition Session at home whenever you like!

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