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Kristy Adams-Ebel, Carolina Breast Friends Founder
A nonprofit organization for breast cancer patients in Charlotte, NC


Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32, Kristy Adams-Ebel recognized that part of her ability to cope with the struggle she faced depended on connecting with fellow Survivors. She understood the importance of being in a positive setting with a focus on healing, self-advocacy, and empowerment through knowledge. When an article was printed in the Charlotte Observer to share Kristy’s desire to find like-minded Survivors to share her journey with, it was just the beginning.

In November 2003, Kristy established Carolina Breast Friends as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Meeting anywhere they could find space to gather, Carolina Breast Friends became a source of community for Kristy and her “fight team.” Until her death in 2006, Kristy's determination, selflessness and humor remained as strong as ever.

a note from Kristy

"Thank you for being part of Carolina Breast Friends. Without you, my journey would be lonely. You are each extraordinary & I am a better person because of your friendships. I'll close by sharing one of my favorite quotes: 'I walk, I fall down, and in the meantime I keep dancing.' "

- All my love, Kristy (2006)

Kristy Adams-Ebel, Carolina Breast Friends Founder

April 13, 1970 - October 15, 2006
Pictured with husband Chris Ebel

pink house sketch gradient color


In 2011, Kristy's vision for a special gathering space took shape with the creation of The Pink House on East Morehead Street, a place where individuals diagnosed with breast cancer join together in a community just as she had envisioned.

At every stage of the journey – from diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, living with metastasis, remission, or the fear of recurrence – people who have walked the same path are available through The Pink House to provide support, encouragement, information, and assistance. 

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