We are so thankful you want to help women and men on their breast cancer journey by raising funds or awareness to support our mission and work! We hope the following information will assist you in planning and carrying out your event or activity.

Here's are some steps to follow:
1. Review our Guidelines for Third-Party Fundraising Activities.
2. Set a realistic goal. Clearly communicate your goal when asking for help and donations.
3. Complete the Third-Party Event Proposal Form (below) with the details of your event for review and approval.
4. Once your event is approved, you will receive our logo and branding information to help with your efforts.
5. Enlist the help of family, friends and colleagues to promote and carry out your event.
6. Be sure to thank everyone who donates, volunteers, or helps in any way.

And WE thank YOU!
For more information or questions contact: 

Feel free to contact us for more ideas and assistance with planning your next event! Thank you so much for your support.


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