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Volunteer Spotlight | Lisa

"The moment I became acquainted with CBF, I was instantly captivated by the profound impact it had on the local community... It is a privilege to witness the strength and resilience of individuals from various walks of life, united in their journey of triumph over breast cancer."


Volunteer spotlight Lisa

As a Charlotte native, Lisa has always valued dedicating her time to serving the community.

In high school, while studying at the North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics, Lisa was fortunate enough to research cell signaling pathways as it relates to inflammatory breast cancer at Duke University. She recalls, "This research left an indelible impression on me, especially during such a formative phase in my life."

Lisa consistently gives of her time each month, primarily in support of our jewelry sessions with Stu, to whom she provides a second set of hands. In addition, Lisa has volunteered at our Survivor Nights where she has enjoyed watching our Survivors & Thrivers relax and simply have a good time in community with one another.

"The individuals I have encountered and stories I have heard have enlightened me," Lisa says. "The sense of community extends far beyond mere friendships. It is like a close-knit family."

Most recently, Lisa volunteered as a hospitality host for our 20th Anniversary Celebration. "This memorable event brought together exceptional individuals, including Manisha (another volunteer) and Agnes (a Survivor), with whom I instantly connected with, given our backgrounds. If you glanced over, we looked like a multigenerational family," Lisa shares. "We're planning to have dinner together soon."

Lisa feels that being part of our community is incredibly gratifying. While her working hours are spent as a consultant and investor, she is quick to share that the moments that have brought her the greatest fulfillment are the ones she has spent volunteering.

"Thank you for opening the door for me to be a part of this special community. I plan to stick around for many years to come," Lisa says.


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