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Volunteer Spotlight | Ana Lucía

"My heart is full every time I get a chance to serve this community. I am always in awe of the stories, the courage and the determination of the women I meet during my visits...I receive as much, or more, than what I give." 


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Ana Lucía Divins is a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) and a Reiki Practitioner. As a CMP, Ana Lucía provides therapeutic music by the bedside of patients with various conditions at healthcare facilities. With her private practice, Azul Healing, she offers individual sessions as well as restorative sound healing journeys for the community-at-large. 

As Ana Lucía was looking for partnerships to complete her practicum hours for her Therapeutic Music Certification, she worked with our Latina support group, La Casa Rosada, to offer virtual therapeutic music sessions. In that time, Ana Lucía worked with over 40 Survivors and fell in love with the mission of CBF.

Ana Lucía is now certified and continues to support CBF by volunteering once a month to offer her programs to the breast cancer community we serve. Ana Lucía offers one-on-one Reiki and Sound Healing Sessions each month, as well as other healing sound sessions. 

You can find Ana Lucía's sessions on our Programs Calendar.


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