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The Mascia Family Honors Dear Friend Gigi

The Mascia Family have been supporters of the Pink House for numerous years generously donating, contributing to our events, honoring loved ones with memory bricks, and volunteering their time. They have watched several very close friends and family members fight against breast cancer. Many are now Survivors, but others lost the fight.


Ana Lucía

The Mascia Family's most recent donation came in honor of their dear friend Gigi, who passed away on Friday, October 9th

They said, "She was a true fighter, a 3 time cancer Survivor. Maybe it was because of what she survived that her outlook on life was always bright, and lucky for us, her positive glow haloed many of our lives. Our family will always remember and cherish our memories with her."

Their contribution in memory of Gigi will help the many women battling breast cancer find the help and comfort they need to keep fighting strong.

Thank you Mascia Family for your ongoing love and support.


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