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A Mother-Daughter Story

While we mothered each other during our challenge, it was Carolina Breast Friends who mothered us.


Ana Lucía
Of all the hats I have worn in my lifetime, being a mother has been tops.

In November of 2018, I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. As soon as I was scheduled for chemotherapy, my one and only daughter, Atoya, dropped everything to come and mother me. During her visit, she discovered a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer within six months of my diagnosis.

They surrounded us with love and support, near and far, as my daughter lives in the Atlanta area. From the Transformative Writing sessions (held monthly. See calendar) to cooking and exercise classes, the "Pink House" had us covered; however, what truly makes Carolinas Breast Friends special are the people.

I remember being told by one of the first people that I met upon entering the Pink House, "This is a club that no one wants to join. The dues are stiff, but we take really good care of each other."

All of that was and is still true.

- Faye

Friends and neighbors like you make Faye's story of support possible. When you give to Carolina Breast Friends, you are funding healthier and happier lives for the ones we love. Click Here to Donate.


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