Over the Edge

This may be the most exciting way you can help breast cancer Survivors in Charlotte!

When the organizers of the renowned Over the Edge experience contacted us about being one of just two nonprofits in the Carolinas they were ready to mobilize for, we said, "YES! Let's do this!" So on June 1, 2019, Over the Edge is coming to Charlotte, setting up their equipment and experts on the rooftop of the Hyatt House uptown, and providing a life-changing experience for you and a game-changing opportunity for us to help fund and expand the ways we serve our mission at the Pink House!

Click here to learn more & register!

And if you ARE a breast cancer Survivor, what an empowering experience to give yourself while helping others!

You are no stranger to facing fears. Here's one way to put that into unique action while also "paying it forward" for Survivors who may just be beginning their journey with breast cancer. Talk about empowering! Our own staff member and Survivor, Charmaine Tyson, is raising money to go Over the Edge and will be rapelling in pink to show her colors as a Survivor! You can too. Go solo or form a small fundraising team to share the effort. Use the link above to start now.

We are also looking for a small number of Survivors who would be willing to go Over the Edge on behalf of people who may want to fundraise to give the experience to a Survivor. Contact Brittany Garrett at bgarrett@carolinabreastfriends.org for more details. 

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