Personalized Sessions

As part of our Wellness and Self-Image Programs, the Pink House offers a selection of one-on-one sessions that are free to people living with breast cancer.

These personalized sessions are delivered by experienced practitioners with specialized training in their fields. Sessions are often conducted at the Pink House or, in some cases, virtually. If you are living with breast cancer and would like to take advantage of one of these services, use the "View Schedule" button below or see our Master Calendar to make an appointment with the provider of the service on the days it is offered.

Due to practitioners' availability, limited slots are available, and they tend to book quickly. If you are unable to book an appointment on a given day, we invite you to book ahead for a future slot or to check back toward the ends and beginnings of the month when we add the next slate of sessions.


Personalized Sessions at the Pink House!

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Breast Tissue Lymphatics

Help your breast tissue and its surrounding area stay well-drained, supple and healthy by learning simple and effective techniques to benefit the lymphatic drainage in your breast tissue. You'll work with a specialist who will tailor the therapy to your needs and teach you how to perform the techniques for yourself going forward.


Be You, Be Beautiful: Makeup Application

Breast cancer Survivor and make-up artist Jessie consults with you and shows you specific techniques as she does a custom makeup application to help you feel your most confident about your beauty inside and out.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Get the benefits of this assisted mobility and stretching technique, performed by a licensed professional. Fascial stretching helps to improve circulation, range of motion, and muscle function as well as reducing or eliminating pain and soreness. It can also aid in recovery and sleep.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore function. Performed by a licensed physical therapist with extensive specialized training this therapy focuses on realigning the deeper layers of the muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia of your breast. 

Oncology Massage

This massage therapy modality is based in both specialized massage techniques and compassion. It is intended to help you manage your experiences during and following cancer treatment. Administered by a licensed massage therapist with specialized certification, the technique is beneficial for those in active treatment, those in recovery, and long-term survivors.

Oncology Rehab & Lymphedema Risk Reduction

A licensed physical therapist with specialized lymphedema training evaluates your individual needs following breast cancer treatment, including a lymphedema screening and education on how to avoid or reduce swelling following removal of lymph nodes during surgery. Also get advice on other issues that could improve your quality of life and function following cancer treatment.

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