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CLT - Walking with My Breast Friends & Co-Survivors

Saturday, June 13th - 10:00 a.m.
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Rock Hill - Walking with My Breast Friends & Co-Survivors

Wednesday, June 10th - 8:30 a.m.
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Co-Survivor Connections is our newest Program that now provides resources to breast cancer Co-Survivors to better equip them for the physical and emotional demands on their loved ones. Co-Survivors are caregivers; they can be family members, spouses or partners, friends, or colleagues. 

Most Co-Survivors are not trained for the caregiver job and are given little advanced warning of the diagnosis. Many times, they may be the lifeline of the person with cancer. Over time the stress and strain on the Survivor or Thriver often has a physical and emotional toll for the caregiver as well.

Our objective is to provide FREE targeted resources to support caregivers during the breast cancer journey by providing:
  • Co-Survivor Connections support for spouses or partners
  • Programs for spouses, children, family, and friends that create stronger connections and community
  • Engaging social gatherings
  • Fun special events
  • Family-focused experiences
  • Community resources (See below for a list of resources)
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Our Co-Survivor Community 


"It's been ten years now since my wife Jill was diagnosed. The cancer diagnosis hit us in so many different ways beyond just the obvious health scare. The roller coaster ride of surgery, chemo and radiation treatments had its toll on the whole family. I am excited CBF is expanding their services to include the Co-Survivors in programming and services. It's been honor to help get that started and support others in the fight."

- Martin, Co-Survivor
"Our Co-survivor experience has been one filled with warmth, belonging, compassion, and community. I've always imagined a place where my husband could feel all of this and more. He and we are looking forward
to what 2023 holds for the CBF Co-Survivor community. Cheers to more love and light!"

- Vinita, Survivor
"My first wife, Jessica, was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer at the age of 26. We had two very young children together and the struggle was everything you would expect. She fought hard and had many ups and downs and inspired many lives... and lost her fight at the age of 32. I am re-married now to an amazing woman and we have made every effort to keep Jessica's memory alive for the kids. Now, I try and have a small part in impacting the lives of other men who may be struggling and unsure who they can talk to when their wife is fighting a similar battle."

- Josh, Co-Survivor 


Recommendations for Children

Annie Gunning, CCLS, CIMI
Empower Through Play, LLC

View a recorded session where Annie shares tips on how to talk to your kids using their 5 senses.

Recommended Reading
Age Topic Title Author
  Coping Invisible String & Invisible String Workbook Patrice Karst
  Coping Hey Warrior Karen Young
Preschool Hair loss Nowhere Hair Sue Glader
Preschool Illness How Do You Care for a Very Sick Bear? Sara Olsher
Teens Cancer My Parent Has Cancer and It Really Sucks Mya Siler & Marc Silver
Family Cancer Our Family Has Cancer Too! Christine Cliffors

Additional website resources: (free summer camp for children that have a family member that experienced cancer)

Recommendations for Spouses/Partners

Communication Counseling:
Tiffany H. Young, LCSW, LISW-CP, OSW-C, Supervisor of Psychosocial Oncology
Buddy Kemp Support Center (Novant)

Recommendations for Financial & Food Assistance

  • Cancer Care: general information on financial assistance
  • Go Jen Go: serving greater Charlotte, nonprofit providing financial assistance to those with breast cancer
  • Pretty in Pink Foundation: serving North Carolina, financial assistance for uninsured or underinsured (medical only)
  • The Meggs Foundation: serving greater Charlotte, financial assistance for those facing a medical diagnosis between the ages of 20-39 years old
  • Second Harvest Food Bank: serving greater Charlotte, food resources
  • Feast for Good: serving greater Charlotte, meal service

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