Donor Spotlight | Aniston

July 2023

"I am very excited about the amount of money I raised to give to support all these people."

Aniston is only 10 years old and she's already making an incredible impact in her community. For the fifth year in a row, Aniston set up a lemonade stand in her community to raise money for a nonprofit organization. This year, she chose Carolina Breast Friends as the recipient. 

"Knowing lots of special people in my life have been diagnosed with breast cancer, I chose this organization to donate," Aniston says.

One of Aniston's lemonade-stand supporters in the past lost her battle to breast cancer last year. As a way to honor her, and because Aniston did her research to learn more about CBF's mission, "Lemons for the Ladies" was created to benefit CBF this year. Aniston collected $600. 

Aniston and her mother, Katie, recently stopped by to personally deliver the money she raised. "One of my favorites was the boutique and how they had everything they [Survivors] needed," she says.

Aniston goes on, "I am thrilled to have worked with CBF and look forward to working with them again. This opportunity is life changing for me and everyone I helped support." 

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