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February 2023

"We have loved learning about the many services offered by CBF and seeing how our dollars make a difference."

In the fall of 2022, High Tide Hospitality, who owns and operates Sea Level, Ace No. 3 and The Waterman, were interested in supporting a local breast cancer non-profit. They heard about CBF through word of mouth and reached out with some ideas about how to support the mission for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

"Nearly everyone you meet has a connection to this awful disease," says Alex Flores, High Tide Hospitality's Brand & Culture Manager. "Whether it's a mom, sister, aunt, friend, or coworker, we all know too well the pain and struggle of those in battle."

During the month of October, High Tide Hospitality put in place several opportunities for the community to support CBF while dining at their restaurants. For 4-weeks, Sea Level NC donated 20% of a specialty cocktail (the Mariposa Rosa), and Ace No. 3 hosted CBF as their Spirit Night partner, donating 20% of all dinner sales that night. In addition, Ace No. 3 donated $1 from every strawberry shake purchased during the month. 

These efforts resulted in a donation just over $1,850 and the beginning of a wonderful partnership with the HTH team. In fact, just this month, Ace No. 3 provided sliders and sides for a Beauty & Burgers themed Young Survivors Night. 

"It can be difficult to trust that when you donate to national non-profits that your dollars actually reach and impact those in your local community," Alex says. "Donating to CBF does help on a large scale, but also produces real and measurable change in the Carolinas. The team is transparent, intentional, and impactful. It is a pleasure to support this cause." 

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