Nuevo! We Are Launching a Program for Latinas!

August 2017

At the heart of Carolina Breast Friends' existence is the importance of connecting breast cancer survivors with one another. In 2003, our founder, Kristy Adams-Ebel recognized that part of her ability to cope and thrive depended on communing with fellow Survivors.

As we grow as an organization, part of connecting Survivors for support and empowerment means reaching out to diverse populations. That's why we are excited to be collaborating with Latina community leaders to launch La Casa Rosada Con Latinas (the Pink House with Latinas). The vision of this recurring program at the Pink House is to reach and empower women in the Latin community who are affected by breast cancer.

The idea began through our connection to Lorna, a Nurse Navigator from Levine Cancer Institute. Lorna has a strong passion for helping Latina women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. From there, our Director of Programming and Volunteers, Krista Barry, and a core group of Latinas who have visited the Pink House have begun preparing linguistically and culturally meaningful programs to be held on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting in October. The kick-off party is currently planned for October 26 at 5:30 p.m.

Says Krista, "I understand and have witnessed the power of one woman connecting with another to share their journey with breast cancer. Bringing this more directly to the Latina community moves us one step closer to reaching all of the area's breast cancer Survivors to provide emotional support and help them empower each other."

If you are interested in participating in  La Casa Rosada Con Latinas or can help us spread the word to more Latinas, please contact Krista at the Pink House at


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