Replacing What Chemo Brain Takes Away
December 2015

Ask ten medical professionals whether or not chemo brain is real and you'll likely get a variety of answers. Ask ten cancer patients and the response might be, "Wait, what was the question? Oh yeah, chemo brain. You bet it's real!" Whether it's the result of physiological changes, chemical imbalances or a stress response, chemo brain remains one of the inheritances of facing the cancer challenge.

The American Cancer Society describes the ... [..] Read more

PALS Act Passes: Good News for Screening Access and Your Health
December 2015

PALS Act Passes: Good News for Screening Access and Your Health

Today, we're able to celebrate a development in the world of breast cancer screening that affects you and the women you love.
The Protecting Access to Lifesaving Screenings (PALS) Act was included in theOmnibus Spending Bill that Congress voted on and passed this week before leaving Washington D.C. for their holiday break. What does this mean for your access to mammograms? We broke ... [..] Read more

Herceptin Plus Tykerb After Surgery No Better Than Herceptin Alone for Early-Stage, HER2-Positive Disease
December 2015

Treatment given to weaken and destroy breast cancer BEFORE surgery is called neoadjuvant treatment. Treatment before surgery isn't routinely used to treat early-stage breast cancer, but may be used if the cancer is large or aggressive.
Treatment given to kill any few cancer cells that might remain AFTER surgery and reduce the risk of the cancer coming back (recurrence) is called adjuvant treatment.
In 2012, results from the NeoALTTO trial found that giving ... [..] Read more

Survival has improved for women with stage IV breast cancer
December 2015

Over the past few decades, as breast cancer has increasingly been treated as a systemic disease, the number of surgeries performed on the most serious cases has plummeted. With better drugs and radiation techniques available, the proportion of women with Stage 4 breast cancer who had surgery dropped from 67.8 percent in 1988 to 25.1 percent in 2011, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Surgery.

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Pink in the Rink 2016
November 2015

Bring the family and join us yet again for an exciting night of hockey that celebrates the commitment the Charlotte Checkers have shown year after year to our local survivors and the organizations that serve them! The event has become so popular that is has expanded to two nights!

Saturday, February 13th

See more and purchase your ticket here be sure to use the promo code CBF

There is a $3 printing fee ... [..] Read more

Comfort Bags For A Cause
October 2015

Comfort Bags For A Cause

Help us fill comfort bags for survivors to use during chemotherapy. Each bag costs $25 to fill. With your help we can fill 50 or more bags!

Donate online to Comfort Bags for a Cause at Razoo
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Sign up on our Team Page for the Race!
September 2015

Sign up on our Team Page to race here

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Exercising 300 Minutes Per Week Leads to More Fat Loss in Postmenopausal Women
August 2015

Many studies have shown a link between exercise and a lower risk of being diagnosed with a first breast cancer or breast cancer coming back (recurrence). As a result, the American Cancer Society and many doctors recommend that women who've been diagnosed with breast cancer exercise regularly -- about 150 minutes per week at a moderate intensity level or 75 minutes per week at a vigorous level.
A new study suggests that exercising twice the ... [..] Read more

Common Chemicals May Act Together to Increase Cancer Risk
August 2015

In the study, the researchers studied the effects of low doses of 85 common chemicals classified as non-cancerous to humans. The chemicals included bisphenol A (BPA), which is used in many rigid plastic products and on the shiny side of paper cashier receipts; rotenone, a chemical used to kill many insects; and triclosan, an antibacterial compound used in soaps, hand sanitizers, and cosmetics.
Using large databases of cancer information and models that predict cancer ... [..] Read more

Shop For A Cause & Fashion Show Benefiting Carolina Breast Friends July 16th 6:30 to 8:30
July 2015

Shop For A Cause & Fashion Show Benefiting Carolina Breast Friends

Please join Athleta South Park and Aveda as they host a fun, fabulous, fashion show with some of our survivors highlighting some of our summer's favorite styles! A portion of sales during the event will be donated to Carolina Breast Friends. There will also be great raffle prizes, and light refreshments will be served. Mark your calendar now and RSVP in-store at ... [..] Read more

Q&A at the Pink House with Dr. Antoinette Tan July 14th
June 2015

Come to our Monthly Survivor Meeting
July, 14th
Meet & Greet is at 6:00
Program starts at 6:30

Antoinette R. Tan, MD, MHSc, is the Chief of Breast Medical Oncology and Co-Director of the Phase I Program at Levine Cancer Institute, Carolina's Health Care System. She is also a Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of North Carolina. [..] Read more

Breast-Conserving Therapy for Early-stage Cancers has Increased Substantially
June 2015

The first comprehensive national review of breast-conserving therapy (BCT) shows that over the last 13 years rates of this treatment modality for early-stage breast cancer have increased at a steady pace. However, the review also highlights important demographic factors that impact which patients have access to BCT. Read More Here [..] Read more

Aspirin and Cancer Prevention: What the Research Really Shows
June 2015

Taking aspirin daily may cut a woman's risk of ovarian cancer by 20%, according to a study published February 6, 2014 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. This new research adds to the large number of studies conducted in recent years showing aspirin may help prevent certain types of cancers. Read More [..] Read more

Body weight, breast cancer risk and menopausal status
June 2015

Body weight, breast cancer risk and menopausal status Find out more Here [..] Read more

We put together this survey for Survivors. If you could please take a few minutes to fill it out, it would be a big help.
June 2015

Hello Survivors , our mission is to provide a positive environment through education, encouragement, and friendship during any stage of your journey. As CBF continues to grow and expand we want to make sure we are doing our best to fulfill this mission. Please take a moment and share with us how you feel about Carolina Breast Friends? We want to know!

Click Here

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Most Women Diagnosed With Early-Stage Disease Don’t Have More Than a Few Lymph Nodes Removed
May 2015

When early-stage breast cancer is removed, the lymph node closest to the cancer called the sentinel node often is removed and sent to a pathologist for evaluation. Removing just this one node is called sentinel node biopsy or sentinel node dissection.
If cancer cells are in the sentinel node, it means the cancer has spread beyond the breast. Until recently, doctors thought that more treatment was necessary to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back (recurrence), including removing other underarm lymph nodes (called axillary node surgery/dissection).
But a practice-changing study, called the ACOSOG Z-11 trial, found that women diagnosed with early-stage disease with one or two positive sentinel nodes who have lumpectomy and radiation do just as well as women who have axillary node surgery. Click Here

... [..] Read more

Vinnie Myers, 3D Nipple Tattoo Specialist
April 2015

3D Illusion Nipple Tattoos: The Finishing Touch

Check out some before after photos of his 3D nipple tattoo work and Vinnie Myers story and work. Check it out Here [..] Read more

New choices in breast cancer surgery and reconstruction
April 2015

The emotional and physical results of breast cancer are very different now from what they were in the past. Much more is known about breast cancer and its treatment. New treatments, as well as improved reconstructive surgery, mean that women who have breast cancer today have more choices and better outcomes.

Read More Here [..] Read more

Community Foundation Run 2015 April 18th Starts at 7:00AM
April 2015

The Community Foundation Run will be held April 18, 2015 in downtown Gastonia, NC. On this day Gaston's County will come together to celebrate and financially support all participating nonprofits, including Carolina Breast Friends West in Gastonia!
Click Here

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Nutrition During and After Cancer Treatment
April 2015

Great website to help guide you make the best food choices:

Help you find the best food choices and ways to eat based on how you feel and what you like.

Help determine if supplements and nutrient-rich beverages and foods should be prescribed to help you get the nutrition you need.

Help answer your questions about foods, supplements, nutrients and diet.

View Website Here

[..] Read more

8th Annual NC Survivor/Caregiver Summit No charge and open to all survivors
April 2015

The North Carolina Cancer Prevention and Control Branch of the Division of Public Health, Chronic Disease and Injury Section will host the eighth annual Survivorship Summit May 1 and 2 in Asheville this year.

The summit will take place at MAHEC, (Mountain Area Health Education Center), Blue Ridge Room, 121 Hendersonville Road, just south of the entrance to Biltmore Estate.
The summit is free to cancer survivors and their caregivers

The goal of the Summit is ... [..] Read more

Why Proton Treatment for Breast Cancer?
March 2015

Proton therapy has become a viable option for breast cancer patients because it limits radiation exposure and potential damage to surrounding areas, including the heart, lungs and healthy breast tissue... Read More Here [..] Read more

4 Simple Steps to Planting Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden
March 2015

4 Simple Steps to Planting Your Own Kitchen Herb Garden (& What It's Going to Do For Your Health!) Click Here

[..] Read more

Sex and Intimacy After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis
March 2015

Whether you are single (dating or not), in a committed relationship or married, your sexual self is part of who you are. Many doctors and healthcare providers talk very little about the sexual side effects of treatment. You may be reluctant to bring up the subject so we found a great article for you to read... Read more here
[..] Read more

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Radiation and Cancer, But Were Afraid to Ask
March 2015

Insightful information about all types of radiation... Find out more Here
[..] Read more

Your Phone as a Breast Cancer Research Tool
March 2015

How would you like to make breast cancer research history? There's now an app for that, and we hope everyone we know will download and use it.

The app is the "Share the Journey" breast cancer app, introduced Monday by Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple's Spring Forward event. Share the Journey is a free download and a game-changer in breast cancer research designed to help breast cancer patients today and for ... [..] Read more

31 Myths and Truths... Hearing the truth about breast cancer may surprise you. And it should motivate you...
March 2015

It's time to move beyond awareness to action. It's time to peel back the pink to see what's really happening in breast cancer research, treatment, prevention and cure. Find out more here.
[..] Read more

Opening up about my breast cancer journey
February 2015

Gail Morse shares why it's important to share her journey as a breast cancer survivor. Read more
[..] Read more

Genetic testing - BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes
February 2015

Steps you can take

If you know you have an abnormal gene linked to breast cancer, there are lifestyle choices you can make to keep your risk as low it can be... Find More information here... [..] Read more

Scientists Find New Target for Most Aggressive Breast Cancer
February 2015

A new study has linked deficiency in a gene that controls autophagy a process that recycles cell waste with triple-negative breast cancer. The researchers suggest increasing activity of the gene could be an effective way to treat patients with this most aggressive and stubborn cancer. Click Here [..] Read more

Simple ways to boost your immune system...
February 2015

There are a lot of unhealthy foods that claim to be healthy but with unhealthy ingredients. Harvard University has great information on how to boost your immune system. Find more information here

[..] Read more

New Evidence Reveals Tamoxifen Has Reduced Breast Cancer Rates By A Third
January 2015

Over the last 20 years, the preventive effects of the breast cancer drug tamoxifen have remained constant, having reduced breast cancer rates by almost a third, reveals a new analysis published in The Lancet Oncology. Click this link to find out more [..] Read more

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