The Faces of Survival - SouthPark Magazine

September 2012

By Jessica Milicevic

Every woman has a different story. Some of those women have breast cancer and their stories are rewritten for them. The characters change, the plot thickens and sometimes it doesn't end with happily ever after.

For these five women, it took strength, endurance and a good dose of faith to get them through cancer. It wasn't always easy; in fact, most of the time, it wasn't. But they looked toward the future instead of behind them. They stopped asking 'why me' and started wondering what they could do to help other women fight breast cancer.

Each of these women works in the breast cancer community to support other women in their battles. Whether it's through support groups, newfound friendships, running the distance or raising money for research, they are all armored with love and passion, ready to help others face cancer head-on and emerge the victors.

We are linking arms with these women to fight cancer by helping them tell their stories. As Charlese Nolley, one of our profiled survivors, says, "If my story can reach just one woman in time to beat cancer, then that's all that matters to me."


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