One-on-One Mentoring

One-on-One Mentoring

Carolina Breast Friends was founded on the idea of breast cancer Survivors supporting each other with the uplift, insight, and the compassion that comes from being on a common journey. It was the dream of our founder, Kristy Adams-Ebel--who was herself going through breast cancer and bringing to life the support she knew she wanted and could give in return. That's why our services include One-on-One Mentoring.

Our One-on-One Mentoring matches Survivors at any point in their breast cancer experience with other Survivors who may have a similar diagnosis and treatment history but who are further down the road in navigating the journey.

Peer mentors can help you through various elements of your breast cancer experience--from dealing with the news of your diagnosis, to what to expect from treatment, to adjusting to the ongoing ways that having breast cancer can change your life. Sometimes mentoring consists of just a single phone call at a vulnerable time. Sometimes it is an ongoing safety net of insight. But always, it's about the power of one Survivor talking to another who has been where they are going.

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Become a Mentor 

The rewards of our One-on-One Mentoring flow in both directions. Contact us if you would like to learn more about become a mentor.
Note: Our One-on-One Mentoring is a peer-based program of volunteer participants. Our mentors are not trained counselors, health care workers, or mental health professionals. They are vetted volunteers who have agreed to make themselves available to other breast cancer Survivors for informal support and assistance.

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