VIRTUAL - Mindful Monday: Connecting Breath, Brain & Body

When: 11/21/2022 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

 Mindful Monday

Connecting Breath, Brain & Body

Class begins promptly at 12:00 PM

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Session Description:

Take a Mid-day break and enjoy Mindful Monday! Instructor Lori Harrington is a Breast Cancer Warrior, she will lead you through Connecting Breath, Brain & Body, a sutra encouraging quote/intention for the practice, warm up/connection with breathwork, slow flow, and cool down/stretching/Savasana. Find a quite space you can stretch out in without any distractions, wear comfy clothes and turn off your phone so you can truly enjoy this hour, selfcare is so essential!

Lori believes in the importance of cultivating a positive mindset & present moment awareness on & off of the mat. She places a priority on practicing gratitude, perspective & joy in daily life and encourages others to do the same. Lori teaches a variety of classes for children, teens & adults through Movement, Mindfulness & Me. She incorporates bringing attention to the power of the body, brain & breath in all of her classes. Lori is passionate about bringing awareness to what makes each individual uniquely special & encouraging life to be lived & loved to its fullest. 

This class is offered FREE to anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis at any stage of their journey.

Instructor Bio: 

Lori has been practicing Yoga in its fullest form since 2017. She noticed the positive impacts that her personal Yoga practice cultivated in her own life which led to the desire to deepen her Yoga & Mindfulness education and share that with others, including her own two children.  

In 2018 Lori trained through the Mindful Schools organization and received her certifications for both Mindful Fundamentals & Mindful Educator Essentials. She also completed her RCYT Yoga training for Children through ChildLight Education Company (CEC) based in Dover, NH in 2019. Lori received CEC certifications for several trainings including: Yoga & Mindfulness for Children, Yoga & Mindfulness Advanced Teaching Concepts, Yoga & Mindfulness for Diverse Abilities, Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens & Tweens, Yoga & Mindfulness in Schools and Yoga for Athletes. In 2019 Lori also completed the Mindful Education Teacher Training led by Daniel Rechtschaffen. Lori completed her RYT 200 Yoga training in 2020 through Enlighten Yoga based in Charlotte, NC led by Shari Goldstein, Hilary Bifulco Kossack & Johanna Smith. Additionally, in 2021 she earned a SRTM certification (Stress Reduction for Teens through Mindfulness) through CEC. 


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