Survivors Night: Having Children After Breast Cancer

When: 8/16/2022 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
The Pink House
1607 East Morehead St. Charlotte, NC 28207

Having Children after Breast Cancer

 Session starts at 5:30pm- 7:00pm

In-Person Session
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Session Description:

Our panel of speakers are Breast Cancer Survivors and Thrivers that have walked the road of Adoption, Fertility Preservation and Surrogacy after their Breast Cancer Diagnosis.
Bring your questions, concerns and personal experience to share with the group. In this Community of understanding and support, you are not alone.

Survivor Panel:

Brandon Mayo: Diagnosed in 2018 (age 37) with breast cancer. My daughter Sarah, was 11 months old at the time of my diagnoses. My initial diagnosis was stage 0 ER+ (DCIS); after surgery, unilateral mastectomy, pathology revealed it was stage 1 and HER2+, ER+, which meant chemo was needed. My husband and I decided to immediately received eggs and froze embryos.  I endured 12 weeks of chemo in 2018, with Herceptin carrying into 2019.
We had a baby girl, Nora, born by surrogacy in 2022, three years after chemo ended. I live in Dilworth with my two girls and my husband and we love hiking, biking, gardening and reading books. 

Stephanie Drum: I am 37 years old, I have an amazing Husband and a beautiful little boy that is 11 years old now that we adopted at birth after my Diagnosis.  
I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at age 23 in 2007, ER/PR positive HER2 negative. Diagnosed with Metastatic at 25 with bone mets. Over the years, I have had chemo, different kinds of radiation, medications, multiple surgeries and with that was also hormone treatment.   After being told that I could no longer have the option to bare a child, it was quickly after I was feeling better we started looking into adopting. Best decision we could have ever made, my family is absolutely awesome and I love them so much! I feel blessed to say that I am currently stable on my second line of treatment, for now I am on Faslodex injections every 28 days.   We enjoy being in Nature, fishing, riding my ATV when I am able or riding my motorcycle, experiencing new adventures and dancing.

Tara McGee: I was diagnosed at 32 with stage 2 ER/PR ductal carcinoma. Froze embryos with my fiancé, only had 4 make it to 5 day blasts. Went in to do chemo, lumpectomy surgery, rads, Tamoxifen, the  lupron, then back to tamoxfen. Had a bilateral mastectomy with DIEP flap and then implants added. In 2016, we implanted one embryo into a gestational carrier and had our son in July 2017. Last year,we transferred 1 embryo and I delivered our daughter via c-section May 2022. We used a modified FET cycle with estrogen pills, patches and progesterone in oil with both transfers. I'm 40 now 😊. Froze embryos at 32, used first one at 34-35 and 2nd one at 39-40. 

NOTE: This session will be delivered in person at The Pink House. Masks are Required. Parking is available behind The Pink House.

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