NothingPink: Predisposed Genetic Factors [CANCELLED]

When: 3/25/2020 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Pink House

Support For Your Next Step: NothingPink Support Team


Considering genetic testing?

Received BRCA positive results and considering next steps?

Need to talk it through with people who can relate?


Session begins at 7:00 pm

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Get Support

We provide you with information and support through decisions whether you are at high risk, BRCA+, or currently have Breast or Ovarian cancer. We have women who have been through some tough times and just want to be there for you.


Who We Are

Our goal as an organization is to get in ahead of the "pink" world. We want to educate women and men about the importance of genetic counseling and genetic testing. NothingPink wants to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to prevent the disease and make life-saving decisions for the future.

Come and meet new friends

Learn what many young women diagnosed with breast cancer already know you are NOT alone.


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Phone: 980-825-8230
Location Details:
Pink House
1607 E. Morehead Street
Charlotte NC 28207

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Pink House Disclaimer...
Programs at Carolina Breast Friends should not be treated as a substitute for any treatment.  The programs are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor if you're in any way concerned about Reiki, Myofasial Release, The Lymph System and Your Health, Oncology Massage, Working with Your New Body, Train for Life workshops and Healing Touch. These are complementary programs for breast cancer survivors.


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