VIDEO - Strength Training With Confidence at Home

When: 11/5/2021 8:15 AM - 9:15 AM
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Strength Training with Confidence At Home

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Session Description:

This is a "workout" video demonstration designed to introduce proper strength training techniques for breast cancer Survivors. This video class--led by a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist who is also a fellow breast cancer Survivor--is custom made for you. Watch one or more video sessions at your convenience. Each one is between 10 and 20 minutes, and is made is designed for you to repeat the series of moves two to three times for a full fitness experience. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Understandably, many Survivors limit their activity after breast surgery, especially in the upper body. They are sometimes not advised by their healthcare professionals that, let alone how, they should increase their upper-body strength once their surgical site(s) have healed.

We focus on opening up your chest wall, strengthening your back, core and glute muscles, and utilizing light weights and resistance bands.  

We're proud to say that some of our Strength Training Survivor Superstars have progressed to even more high-impact versions of the exercises we introduce here, sometimes after just a short period of time with us.

With proper care and training, you can gain strength and confidence in your body again!


Instructor Bio: 
Laura Coleman

My journey in the fitness industry began 10 years ago as a group fitness instructor. I discovered I had a passion and talent in helping others transition into, achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle so I decided to take my education a step further and become a Certified Personal Trainer. Knowing that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand...I pursued a nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition. It all came together as my previous career was in the Culinary field.

In September 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Needless to say this news rocked my world! I continued to teach and work with clients throughout my recovery...they were some of my biggest cheerleaders throughout my whole journey! As I did research about fitness during and after treatments and surgeries and sought advice from my doctors, I realized very quickly that resources and trainers were limited. I then decided to transition my training and education into cancer exercise fitness and became certified as a Cancer Exercise Specialist and Breast Cancer Recovery Specialist through CETI.

My mission is to help people with or recovering from cancer, exercise safely, effectively and with confidence! Whether exercise is new to your lifestyle or you are wanting to get back into the gym, we will work together to develop a program to fit your individual needs and goals!

I have been happily married to my best friend for 23 years and together we have 2 strong, smart, beautiful daughters. Their love and support is what got me through my cancer hiccup and continues to drive me!


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