Pink House

Pink House
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Soon after CBF began, so did the vision of creating the Pink House, a unique respite center for breast cancer survivors. The Pink House became a passionate and altruistic cause and today, with the dream a reality, the excitement continues.

Inspired by CBF Founder Kristy Adams-Ebel, this vision became the passion of more than 2000 Charlotte breast cancer survivors.

At every stage of the journey-- from diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, living with metastasis, remission; or the fear of recurrence -- women who have walked the same path are available to provide support, encouragement, information, and assistance.

The Pink House is a sanctuary for the hopeful transition to treatment and cure.  As a one-of-a-kind, "one-stop shop," the Pink House serves breast cancer survivors in numerous ways:

Support program:  Play's a pivotal role in the recovery process after diagnosis and treatment. Each session is designed to ensure a Survivor gets the emotional support through other Survivors.
Sessions under this program will include Young Survivors Group, Survivor Night, La Casa Rosada Con Latinas, I have Breast Cancer; Now What?, and the craft classes. Both the Young Survivors Group and Survivor Night will be Q&A sessions and panel discussions conducted by professionals and CBF mentors.

Wellbeing Programs: Our goal is for every attendee to feel knowledgeable, confident and hopeful after a wellbeing session. The Wellbeing Programs offer an invaluable mix of recurring exercise sessions, meditation, hands-on therapy which guides Survivors through their journey. Recurring sessions under this program will include Healing Touch, Reiki, Sound Meditation, Yoga for Recovery & Beyond, Restorative Yoga, Myofascial Release, Oncology Massage, and Strength Training. Including, the list of sessions offered throughout we will offer; Stress & Sleep Management, and Managing your Emotional Health

Nutritional Programs: We will offer a deeper look into the science of Nutrition and learn more about the importance of healthy eating and living for longevity. Sessions under this program include Detox after treatment, Anti-Inflammatory diet, Nutritional Supplements, Weight Management during and after your Journey, The Truth in Sugar, Nutrition and Menopause, Managing cancer treatment side effects with nutrition, and What to eat after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Self-Image "Be You, Be Beautiful" Program: This Self-Image program is a fun way to help our Sisters learn beauty options during ALL stages. We want to inspire, educate and share helpful options. Sessions under this program include Wigs and Brows, Facials and Skin Care, Massage, DYI Skin care products, Essential Oils Party, Extensions, Spa Night in August Workshop, Nail care and nail bar, Lashes and Wigs, Hospice Care, Mastectomy tattoos, Pink Party: Pink Nails and Pink Extensions free for caregiver and Survivors, and Inspirational Talk on True Beauty.

Educational Programs: Will inform Survivors, with educators, medical doctors, health care professionals, and financial specialists. These interactive programs are learning sessions for the Survivors and Co-Survivors.
The Educational Programs offer an invaluable mix of local and national resources, up to-date clinical trials, financial planning, and various other cancer-related topics which guide Survivors through their journey. Sessions under this program will include Breast Reconstruction and Revisionary, the Lymph System and Your Health, Learn more about your Heart during treatment, Genetic Testing, 10 Things I need to ask first when diagnosed, Taking supplements during treatment lead by a pharmacist, Holistic Treatments: Is it right for me?, Clinical Trials & Breast Cancer Treatments, and Caring for the Caregiver and Survivor Workshop.

Library and Computer Research Center: Print and electronic resources are available for researching diagnoses, treatment options, alternative medicine options, and more.

Healing Garden: Designed for relaxation and meditation, this sanctuary setting surrounds you with soothing sounds and smells while you enjoy gardening and nature in full bloom.

Fitness Center: Workout equipment, exercise and yoga classes offered at physically appropriate levels will provide survivors the opportunity to build strength to endure the journey.

Mentoring:  New members are matched with a veteran CBF survivor who is similar in age, diagnosis and/or treatment.

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  • Open Monday to Friday 10:00-5:00
  • 1607 E Morehead Street, Charlotte NC 28207

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