Outreach Services

Note: Per the Covid-19 Health Advisory, the Pink House is temporarily closed to visitors. If you have been recently diagnosed or are currently undergoing treatment and would like us to send you a Comfort bag, Inspiration Jar, or mastectomy pillow, please email our Executive Director, Lynn Erdman with your request.

Comfort Bags

Our comfort bags are tote bags filled with items useful to most people experiencing breast cancer treatment. The bags help newly diagnosed Surviors better cope with chemotherapy. Bags can be found at the Pink House as well local Oncology offices and through Breast Health Nurse Navigators.

We're always looking for donations of supplies for our Comfort Bags. For more information, list of items needed for bags, please send an email to 

Inspiration Jars

These jars are filled with inspirational quotes written by other women and men who have experienced breast cancer. Each quote includes the Survivor's name, date of diagnosis, and email address. We give the jars to newly diagnosed Survivors at the Pink House or through the Breast Health Nurse Navigators at local medical facilities.


Mastectomy Pillows

Mastectomy pillows are provided for use after surgery. Pillows can be placed between the side and arm to help alleviate pressure created in the surgery area. They are machine washable and can be found at the Pink House or through Breast Health Nurse Navigators.

Wigs & Scarves

Hair loss and chemotherapy sometimes go hand in hand. Carolina Breast Friends provides wigs, free of charge, to breast cancer Survivors who need them. We also have a variety of stylish scarves and other head garments, also free of charge. Just stop by the Pink House to look through our selection and try them on. You are welcome to bring a friend or family meember to assist you in finding just the right thing to meet your need.

Prostheses & Mastectomy Bras

We are pleased to be able to supply commercial breast prostheses and mastecormy bras in a variety of sizes, free of charge, to breast cancer Survivors who need them. Just stop by the Pink House to look through our selection. We also often have hand-knitted prostheses called "knitted knockers" that many women find lighter and cooler than the silicone variety. 

Additional Services

Programs at the Pink House

Carolina Breast Friends offers 25 - 30 sessions each month for women and men experiencing breast cancer, regardless of where they are in their journey. Most of these programs take place at the Pink House, and all are free to anyone who has or is experiencing breast cancer. Learn more.

1:1 Mentoring Program

Our 1:1 Mentoring Program matches Survivors at any point in their breast cancer experience with other Survivors who may have a similar diagnosis and treatment history but who are further down the road in navigating the journey. Learn more.


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