Established in November 2003 by Kristy Adams-Ebel, Carolina Breast Friends (aka the Pink House) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization committed to uniting and helping women and men with breast cancer at any point in their survival journey. The organization centers around creating an educational and social outlet for women and men with breast cancer to unite in courage and care.

Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32, Kristy recognized that part of her ability to cope with the struggle she faced depended on communing with fellow survivors. She understood the importance of being in a positive setting where the focus is on healing, self exploration, and empowerment through knowledge. Until her death in 2006, Kristy's determination, selflessness, and humor remained as strong as ever. She was, and is, an inspiration to everyone at Carolina Breast Friends.

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"Thank you for being part of Carolina Breast Friends. Without you, my journey would be lonely. You are each extraordinary & I am a better person because of your friendships. I'll close by sharing one of my favorite quotes: 'I walk, I fall down, and in the meantime I keep dancing.' "
All my love, Kristy (2006)


Kristy Adams-Ebel
April 13, 1970 - October 15, 2006
Pictured with husband Chris Ebel

Kristy's positive attitude is reflected in her self-declared "Kristy's Laws":

  1. My Breast Cancer will from here on out be referred to as H.I. (Hooter Infiltration)
  2. In order to create a hostile living environment for H.I., I must be supplied with a steady diet of Starbursts, Malted Whoppers, and Grape Crush.
  3. When at a restaurant or drive through, all individuals will kindly place their order to be followed by "and a miracle for my friend". Sounds something like this..."Yes, I'll have a burger with cheese, no mayo, large fry, medium diet soda, and a miracle for my friend."
  4. Anytime H.I. or the C word is mentioned, the individual responsible will drop and give me twenty.
  5. Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatments will from here after be referred to as a P.E.M. (Personal Extreme Makeover).
  6. All of my requests - no matter how simple or extreme - will be granted immediately and with a smile. Followed by the words "your Majesty." Violation of this will result in indentured servitude for a period of one week.
  7. Contents of emails, cards, and conversations will be inspirational and/or comical. Any violation of this rule will result in individual termination of future contact and immediate destruction.
  8. Any and all hospital stays, MD visits, scans, test, etc. will from here on out be referred to as "Time Outs".
  9. All individuals choosing to live by this Law must color their hair pink, have my first initial shaved into the side of their head, get a tattoo of "She Rules" - or - wear a pink ribbon of some kind at all times.
  10. Individuals in agreement with this law must contact someone in a different state or country and ask them to place my H.I. Fight Team on their Prayer List.

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