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Here's your monthly batch of news and inspiration from the Pink House, incluing program and event info, ispirational stories and videos, pointers to breast cancer news, and wellness tips. Click here to see the August 2018 Edition [..] Read more

National Cancer Institute Study Finds Chemo May Not Be Necessary for Many June 2018

News is out about a large study showing that many women with the most common form of early-stage breast cancer (hormone receptor-positive, HER-2 negative, with no spread) may be able to safely skip chemotherapy. Here's a link to the story as reported on PBS News Hour:
Click to read [..] Read more

Wellness Tip: Clearing Toxins from Your Body May 2018

Our bodies generally do a good job of ridding us of toxins, but when our health is compromised, a buildup can occur. If you add the toxic impact of chemotherapy and/or radiation, helping your body detox can become even more important.

Toxic buildup can cause bloating, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, muscle aches and a suppressed immune system. Because our lymphatic system plays a big role in removing toxins from the body, an overload of toxins can also potentially increase the side effects of lymphedema.

So what can you do to help your body detox? Once chemotherapy and radiation are finished and these important treatments have done their work, you can start doing the work of helping clear yourself of the toxic residue that can accumulate.

A great deal of information exits about various cleanses and detox products and therapies. Be cautious. Not all detox therapies are advisable. It's also important to make sure you' [..] Read more

Wellness Tip: Sleep Strategy May 2018

Sleep gives our brains a chance to refresh, boosts our immune function, and influences the release of hormones we need to regulate our systems. It's so important to our health that we literally can't survive without it. This is why fostering good sleep is an important part of nurturing our physical health.

If you have breast cancer, there may be a number of obstacles to getting sound sleep. In addition to the potential stress of the experience itself, insomnia is a reported side effect of some of the medications used in treatment, including tamoxifen. This can make good hygiene even more important.
No simple tip can promise to resolve all sleep problems, but here are a few practices that can play a role in your overall sleep strategy.

Cool Down

Studies show that a slight drop in body temperature can signal your body that it's time to sleep. Opinions vary on the best temperature to keep your [..] Read more

Wellness Tip: Reducing Your Stress Load May 2018

May 13 - 19 is National Women's Health Week. Carolina Breast Friends is marking the week by publishing simple tips that can help you and your loved ones improve wellness. Check our social media pages and the news section of this site for pointers to wellness tips all week.

Stress. We all have it. And research shows that the phrase "can't handle the pressure" is more accurately applied to our bodies than our minds. This is because when threatened or stressed, our bodies mount a chemical response. This response can affect our emotions, but it begins and ends in the body. And when our stress response stays activated for long periods, it can affect our physical wellness in serious ways.

The body is intended to respond to stress and then return to routine, balanced functioning. But when stressful events persist or recur frequently, the body is shortchanged the chance [..] Read more

We Love Our Volunteers April 2018

April is National Volunteer Month, a meaningful time for Carolina Breast Friends because volunteers are what keep our programs and services going strong! Our Board of Directors puts in countless hours of volunteer effort to govern the organization. Our program instructors, guest speakers and mentors are also volunteers, as well as the many groups who come to the Pink House to assemble the comfort bags and inspiration jars we distribute to Survivors nearly every day. All told, volunteers--many of whom are breast cancer Survivors--have put more than 4000 hours this year helping us serve our mission!

Here are just a few of the volunteers you're likely to see when you come to the Pink House:

You might recognize Kathy Goodman from the cover of our informational brochure, but her involvement with us goes far beyond the surface. Kathy is a breast cancer Survivor who has been part of our organization since 2005. She has volunteered in numerous ways [..] Read more

Dancing with the Stars Fundraiser Yields Big Entertainment AND Funds! April 2018

Dancing with the Stars of Charlotte to Benefit the Pink House--which took place April 6 at Knight Theater to a sold-out house--has a lot going for it: excitement, glitz, fancy footwork AND an important cause.

When one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, and more than 900 women are expected to be diagnosed in Mecklenburg County over the next year, the need for supportive care of women and men with breast cancer is significant. That's what we do at the Pink House--provide uplift, education and services to people with breast cancer.

And now, an additional thing this fundraiser has going for it is that it is one of the fastest-growing fundraising events in the city, having gone from an audience of 440 in 2016 to selling out the entire Knight Theater of 1100 seats. We raised a record $690,000, and donations continue to come in! That's roughly $250,000 more than last year's event and [..] Read more

Announcement: Lynn Erdman Named as New Executive Director April 2018

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Lynn Erdman, MN, RN, FAAN, as Carolina Breast Friends' new Executive Director.

With more than 25 years in the hospital setting and 10 years in the healthcare and nonprofit sectors, Lynn is a highly skilled national healthcare leader and nurse who has held key senior, national leadership positions with four global health organizations: the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, the American College of Surgeons, and the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses where she served as CEO. Lynn has also served in top leadership positions with healthcare systems including Carolinas HealthCare System and Novant Health where she served as the founding Director of Presbyterian Cancer Center.

Says Beth Harrelson, Carolina Breast Friends' Board Chair, "We are very excited about the depth and breadth of experience Lynn Erdman brings to our organization. With her background as an [..] Read more

When Adversity Meets a Dream with Wings March 2018

March is Women's History Month. What a fitting time to stop and remember Carolina Breast Friends' own history and the woman whose dream began everything we have become: our founder Kristy Adams-Ebel.

Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32, Kristy quickly recognized that part of her ability to cope with the struggle she faced depended on communing with fellow Survivors. She understood the importance of being in a positive setting where the focus was on healing, self-exploration, and empowerment through knowledge.

To know Kristy was to experience positive spirit and joy. Pam Phipps, a CBF board member and one of the first to join Kristy in founding this organization, shares, "Kristy was electric. And she was so genuine. You were immediately drawn to her." Her husband of 11+ years, Chris Ebel, shares how she met the diagnosis, the surgeries, and the chemotherapy with "the brightest smile you would ever want to see" no matter how sick she was. A [..] Read more

Wellness Matters: Beyond Resolutions January 2018

Carolina breast Friends is committed to supporting the wellness of our Survivors and their loved ones. Many people use the new year as a time for resolving to improve health and wellness, but sometimes striving to meet those resolutions can become its own source of stress.

If you dissect the term "resolution," it literally means to repeat a solution. It's no wonder so many of us end up making (and breaking) the same resolutions over and over again. But that doesn't mean you can't make meaningful changes in the coming year. Experts increasingly agree that most people would do better to use an approach that's more connected to personal EVolution than RESolution.

Here are some recommendations:

1. Add rather than subtract. Why start the new year operating from a negative when there are plenty of simple things you can add to your routine that can improve health and wellness. For example, instead of rigorously subtracting [..] Read more

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